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One of the first things people look for in a church is “community”, but that’s not something that can be packaged and sold. If you are looking for a fulfilling church community to be a part of, then you can be sure that what you get will result from what you put in. What makes fulfilling community? Being there. Make church attendance and community group participation a priority! It may be a challenge at first if you’re not in the habit, but we know that if you make the effort to invest time in your church you will be equipped and encouraged in your daily pursuit of Jesus. Believers who are regularly filling their spiritual tank are the ones who will make the biggest eternal impact on our city.


If you are a Jesus follower, one of the most tangible ways that you can submit your life to Christ is by financially supporting your church home. Why do we give? For one, God told us to do it. Jesus also demonstrated this discipline for us during his ministry. How do I give? A tenth of our income is a great starting point outlined in the old testament, but new testament tells how the early church gave everything to further the cause of Christ. God not only commands us to return a portion of our wealth to his church, He challenges us to test Him in doing so. If you think you will be disappointed after a season of fully committing your finances to God, He literally dares you to try it (Malachi 3:10)


At 7SF we want our lives to follow the model that Jesus lived for us. He washed his disciples feet before telling them that a servant is not greater than his master. While we aren’t washing feet every Sunday, every task is laid out for the singular purpose of serving people so that they can encounter Jesus. It’s really that simple. When you serve @7SF, you are serving people, and when you are serving people you are serving Christ.

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7SF’s Seven Week Challenge: give 10% of your income to 7SF for 7 Sundays, and if you can honestly say that God hasn’t blessed you then we’ll refund 100% of your tithe.

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SERVing Descriptions


If you think making people feel welcome at church is so simple anyone can do it, you’d be wrong—and you may have the spiritual gift of Hospitality! Coming to church for the first time can be INTIMIDATING, and the impact that a smiling face, an offer of refreshment, and an invitation to come sit often make all the difference. So if hospitality is your passion we’d love to work together to make visitors to 7SF feel at home.



Our sidekicks are tomorrow’s pastors, teachers, and tech executives. If you have been gifted with a passion to see children come to understand the powerful message of Jesus, we want you on our team.

Setup & Pack-up

7SF is mobile! That means that we start each Sunday with the challenge of transforming an empty concrete shell into a house of worship. There is a job for everyone from heavy lifting to fine-tuning the details. By serving on this team you are curating a space in which people can come and hear about Jesus each week.

Keep in mind that when the service concludes we have a responsibility to put our borrowed space back the way we found it. Did you know that by folding curtains or carefully packing away Bibles you are facilitating the spread of the Gospel as well? Staying after church for the sake of merely stacking a chair or wiping a table can get wearisome. But if you understand that each element is being carefully packed away so it can be used again to share the good news of Christ the following week, this team is for YOU! While volunteers are needed for set-up and pack-up, you are not committing to both by committing to one unless you specify.


If God has gifted you with talents for singing or playing an instrument, we may not figure it out unless you tell us. So, go for it! That said, a lot more goes into leading people in worship than just raw musical talent. If you are interested in serving through worship, we look forward to getting to know you and hearing your thoughts about what it means to serve the church in this way.



They say the devil is in the details, but in our experience he’s in the A/V equipment! If you have a knack for problem-solving and love being behind a computer keyboard, consider serving God with your talents on our A/V Team. As a part of this team you will ensure when the Gospel is preached each week in our services that it can be heard!