Mission Bay is a small neighborhood on the Southeastern portion of San Francisco that has begun to make a big impression on the overall cityscape. The small area of land was designated for revitalization by a developer in 1998, but it has only really begun to come alive in the last ten years. Even today major structures, which will serve as pillars in this community, are in the midst of construction. Most notably UCSF Medical Center is on schedule to celebrate the grand opening of a new children’s, women’s, and oncology medical center in early 2015.

This neighborhood, which spans less than one square mile, is a community comprised of diverse cultures. Many have come to this area from around the world to integrate into two of the area’s primary fields, technology development and sales. The development of this community has extended to meet the needs of the many young families who have flocked to the area by providing schools, medical facilities, abundant modes of public transit, and beautiful city parks, but this section of San Francisco is still waiting for an evangelical church.