Robert & Hope Levergood (Ministry Assistants)

Robert and Hope Levergood have served in many ministry roles including camps, worship, technology, missions, youth ministry, and maintenance. Robert grew up serving in a youth camp and two churches that his parents planted in Sao Paolo, Brazil and has served as a Deacon at Fair Oaks Church for two years. Hope began serving in an evangelical group at the age of twelve. They have a broad range of vocational experiences and hobbies that help them relate to people and get things done. Robert and Hope fell in love with California when the military moved them to Monterey. They recognized a great need for more Christ-centered, truth-teaching churches and are excited for the opportunity to be a part of Christ’s plan for the new MissionBay.Church in the Bay Area.


Zach and Kalyn (Worship Leader & Children's Director)

The soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Breland believe God is clearly directing them to take a step of faith by moving to San Francisco. Zach, a native Californian, is glad to be returning to the west coast to serve as Mission Bay.Church’s worship leader. Kalyn will be an integral part of MissionBay.Church as the director of children’s ministry. She has had training and experience in various Christian ministries from leading Bible studies to involvement in short-term missions from the time she was in her early teens. She can see how God has placed her in leadership roles continually in her ministry involvement over the years, and she is excited to blend her passion for working with children with her training in organization and leadership. Zach & Kalyn are excited to see what God will do with this team in San Francisco, and they believe he is already at work in the hearts of the people of that city. They desire to be covered in prayer that the team will be strong in faith, emboldened by the power of Christ, and ever watchful for opportunities to be a light in their new community.



Eric and Asher Schultz (Ministry Assistants)

Eric & Asher Schultz were both raised in church, but  in the last few years they have both come to see and understand the church as the hands and feet of God in a tangible way through the outreach of his people. They are excited to be a part of the new church God is planting because they desire to show others that church is so much more than just a set of rules or a political scheme. They believe that God will use their team to bring the light of the gospel to a place where it is most needed, and they would ask that you agree with them in prayer that those involved in planting MissionBay.Church would work effectively in the power of God's strength, not their own.